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The Mandy Kao Foundation was founded based on Mandy Kao's belief that everyone, no matter where they came from, deserves a happy, healthy and prosperous life. With years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor - and a volunteer - including many years working with the less privileged, the homeless and Houston's significant refugee population, Mandy Kao met incredible, talented individuals who, due almost entirely to circumstances beyond their own control, needed just a helping hand to break the cycle of poverty. Mandy has seen first-hand that, by providing the right support, people will grow, sustain themselves and even thrive, often well beyond what the foundation hopes for. The focus of the Mandy Kao Foundation is in serving as a bridge - by offering matching grants to non-profit agencies who are already assisting the vulnerable and under-served populations.

In particular, the Mandy Kao Foundation works with agencies already working with the homeless & refugee populations, those addressing women's issues and those providing jobs training and enterprise support (including micro-enterprises and women-owned enterprises). The foundation also devotes a significant portion of time and resources to agencies working in education, providing scholarships, and addressing the needs of school children in deserving neighborhoods and districts. We don't believe in hand-outs. Our goal is to give a hand to those who really want to improve their lives. And we strive to collaborate with other agencies to maximize the positive impact that they are having with the populations they serve.